Thank you to everyone that has been reading my blog. I thought I would give it a try for awhile and see what would happen. It’s been fun and I hope you found some good ideas that you liked. It is time to try some other avenues that I have discovered and see where it takes me. Wish me luck!

Here is my final one. It’s a little different.

Really! In a dream. This is how I came up with this one. I woke up and wrote it down right away! And you wondered how I came up with these ideas. As you can see, I need a life!



I actually did this! One night I woke up and took note of an invention that I came up with in a dream.

Picture a hot air balloon. It’s a very small one mind you, but large enough to get a person off the ground, it is attached to a bicycle with a manually-directed fan on the back, powered by the bicycle. The balloon would be filled with hot air with an electric heater and would be filled enough to get you lift off the ground. It wouldn’t need much just enough to lift a person on  a bicycle. The controls would be on the handles bars. Once you get enough lift to get you off the ground, you simply adjust the direction of your vehicle with your handlebar controls working the rudder and peddle to spin the fan on the back to push yourself forward.

Someone probably patented this back in 1850 but wouldn’t it be a blast for a little carnival ride in some fair in the countryside!

Thanks again for following me!


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There are a lot of talented people out there in the population just waiting to shine! You can mine that talent!

Catch up on the other ideas posted so far at http://www.tomthemarketman.wordpress.com and suggest this blog to your friends if you enjoy it.

If you have any comments on the following idea or any of the previous ones, it would be great to hear back from you.


(The following could be the ad that you would run)

This week’s business is Gondola Pizza. What is the idea you want to submit for their advertisement that will go on our reader boards around the city and the reader board ads? If you come up with the best suggestion for Gondola and they choose you, you will win $500.

The Reader Board Ad Company would establish themselves as a advertising opportunity out there that gets attention. They would regularly run a series of ads that look like reader boards in the newspaper and at the same time, have 10 actual reader boards around the city. If you want to be a participating business, you would be charged the cost of all the advertising, the prize money and a markup by The Reader Board Ad Company. As the system catches on in popularity, the markup would grow to what the market could bear.

As people start to follow the contest, they will stop to think about what they would put on the reader board. It gets them thinking about the product. Some might even enter their ideas. It would also be fun to see what are the top five ideas being considered, then seeing what the winner is. When they turn up around the city, you will be looking for the winner. The first businesses to participate will have the benefit of the novelty of the idea and get a lot of attention. The later entrants will get the advantage of the larger volume of readers. With businesses like Groupon and Swarm Jam taking off, this could be the next big thing!


Still a good idea. How could this be connected to the web? Think about it.

Coming next week… What kind of dreams do you have? You wouldn’t believe mine!

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With the way newspapers are going the way of the Do Do bird, you may want to get started on this idea right away or use the concept in a new way. The need id still there.



Is there a special newspaper you would like to preserve for yourself or give as a gift? Maybe you were in the paper that day or someone you know had their 15 minutes of fame. Well, for a couple of dollars, there is a custom cardboard container now available that is made to preserve that newspaper for you. It is like a flattened-out tube with the ends cut in a semi-circle. When you fold the ends in. the tube takes on an oval shape to house your newspaper safely.


Do you know someone that is about to have a baby? When the news arrives that the baby is safe and sound, go to the store and buy two or three of the newspapers from that day. Put them in the newspaper preserver and what a thoughtful gift you will have. By the time you give the gift to the happy parents, they wil realize that even if they wanted to , it would be to late to pick up a copy of the news from the day this new life came into this world. Fifteen years from now, that child can look back on the state of the world on his birth day and see what was happening at home and around the world. What was for sale in the stores or what was happening in sports if that has become their thing. To you and I, fifteen years might seem like it was just yesterday. To the recipient of The Newspaper Preserver, fifteen years was a lifetime away!




Newspapers are still being printed so this idea can still fly. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to try an idea. Good luck!

Coming next week… Another contest!






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With all the ideas I have given you at http://www.tomthemarketman.wordpress.com you might need this idea.


Let us say you are trying to promote a new product, business or service. Then you will need to promote it. With The Name Game, you can do both.

There would be an advertisement from The Name Game that runs each time there is a new client looking for a name. In the ad there would be a full description of the product, new business or service along with an invitation to submit your ideas. You would be required to submit a name along with an explanation as to why that is the best name to win. No more than fifty words please. If your suggested name is chosen, you will win $1000. Before the winner is announced, it will be scrutinized to make sure it is not already being used. Then the winner will be printed in the paper, detailing why that name was chosen. If the winner was suggested by more than one person, the one with the best explanation as to why that name was submitted will win the prize. If none of the names are chosen, and the owner of the company decides on one of their own, the explanation will be given and the $1000 will go to Winnipeg Harvest.

What will it cost?

An advertiser would be charged $5000 to submit a name request. They would need to write a description of their company, product or service to help the contestants choose an appropriate name. They must stay within 100 words. This would be a great time to really sell the benefits of your product. The readers will really want to understand what it is exactly that you want to sell so they can come up with a fitting name.

Each entry would receive a quarter page ad in The Winnipeg Free Press along with two follow-up ads, showing the entries and the final results along with an explanation as to why it was chosen.

Why is it worth $5000?

That could be considered a lot of money, but look what you get for it:

1. Thousands of dollars worth of advertising space

2. You may actually receive some pretty good ideas

3. Readers would truly understand what it is you are trying to sell

4. Readers would discuss your product or service with friends and colleagues

5. After the name is selected, readers will be looking for it on the shelves or in advertisements.


Could this idea go on Facebook? The social network has changed the landscape and anything is possible. What ideas do you have?

Coming next week…The way things are going, this next idea may not be needed

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I’d love to have a store like this, or shop at one.

Check the other blogs at:



This would be a store full of handles for just about everything from kitchen cabinets to doors and whatever else requires a handle.

In the cabinet business, when it comes time to choose handles, there never seems to be enough handles on hand to offer a proper selection. There are so many neat handles available in catalogues but no one has them all on display. This shop would display as many handles as possible so that a customer could be sent over by their cabinet maker to choose their handles, much like they do for bathroom and kitchen fixtures when you are directed to a store like B.A. Robinson. The Handle Store would sell the cabinet store customers their handles or bill the cabinet maker a discounted price. This wouldn’t be much different than a cabinet maker sending customers to a granite distributor. The quote is sent to the cabinet store and they receive a discount from the retail price quoted. For those who want to simply upgrade the look of their cabinets, we would find the right match and offer suggestions on how to make them look nice when completed. Entry door handles and other types of handles should help with the bottom line of the store.

The one-stop handle shop.



What fun could be had with an idea like this. If you are in the kitchen and bath cabinet business like I am you will see the potential.

Coming next week … What’s in a name?




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One day when there is no gas left and we are all driving electric cars, this may be out of date but for now, it could be quick a money maker for those who would have the guts to give it a whirl!



The price of a litre of gas today was 77 cents. What a deal. I wish I could fill up a tank in the back of my yard with cheap gas and draw it out whenever the price of gas was higher. If the price drops lower, I would let it sit. I would even pay a couple of cents extra to do this if I could.


You can! ABC Gas will sell you a gift card good for however many litres or gallons of gas that you want at today’s prices with a 2 cent management fee on top. When you fill-up, present your gift card and your gas will be deducted like any other gift card only it will be in litres or gallons instead of dollars.


ABC Gas takes in cash in advance for gas to be purchased and buys extra gas on the market to cover the future sales. In the meantime they benefit in several ways:


  1. The customer is yours as long as the gas card is out there.
  2. The convenience of a gas card will bring them to you before the competition.
  3. The money you will be holding on your customer’s behalf can be invested until they use their gas.
  4. There would be a I year expiration date on the card and cards get lost or forgotten.
  5. People would see you as innovative.


The world is full of wannabe investors. Let your customers gamble on the price of gas tomorrow by buying your gas today!


The company that proves this marketing plan and develops the software can then sell the software to gas companies around the world. That is where the real money is to be made.




Gas prices continue to fluctuate. The price of gas has risen 20% in the last year. If I had purchased my gas in this manner a year ago, I would certainly be ahead of the game by now.

Coming next week… A small store that you could franchise!




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I can’t believe that I haven’t seen this done yet. Anyone with a good ability in setting up websites could give this a try for next to nothing. Let me know how it goes!




When you are sixteen and starting into the workforce, most people believe that they will have a couple of jobs, then settle into a career for life…WRONG!! No matter how educated you are, there are no certainties in life and you will more than likely end up putting out a resume from time to time or completing an application form. You need facts. The world revolves around information. They will want to know where you have worked, When did you start, who was your supervisor, what was your starting salary and so on.


Don’t be caught flat-footed or scrambling for the information when the time comes. Where are those transcripts from college?. A Fact Finder booklet or computer CD will prompt you to track all of the important information in your life as it happens. When you get a new job, enter all the relevant information. Bought a car? Track it under vehicles that I have bought with a sub-heading of work that has been done to my vehicle. Are you starting a business? You may need to have a record of all the contact you establish while in business for further reference. Each section comes with an introduction and an explanation of what you might want to track and why. There are originals for each form you may need. Photocopy these as you require them and add them to your book. This way you will not have unnecessary unused forms in areas that do not apply to you. Some people might change jobs often, while for others, it may be addresses. On the CD format, you can simple fill in as much as you like in each section.


The Fact Finder makes the ideal gift for a sixteen year old, just entering the work force.




This idea could fit into the new social network. Could it be an app? Someone out there simply needs to reconfigure the concept into the new technology available to everyone. The Fact Finder might new a new name as well. Do you have a good name?

Coming up next week: …Only for the big boys and girls with deep pockets!






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