I can’t believe that I haven’t seen this done yet. Anyone with a good ability in setting up websites could give this a try for next to nothing. Let me know how it goes!




When you are sixteen and starting into the workforce, most people believe that they will have a couple of jobs, then settle into a career for life…WRONG!! No matter how educated you are, there are no certainties in life and you will more than likely end up putting out a resume from time to time or completing an application form. You need facts. The world revolves around information. They will want to know where you have worked, When did you start, who was your supervisor, what was your starting salary and so on.


Don’t be caught flat-footed or scrambling for the information when the time comes. Where are those transcripts from college?. A Fact Finder booklet or computer CD will prompt you to track all of the important information in your life as it happens. When you get a new job, enter all the relevant information. Bought a car? Track it under vehicles that I have bought with a sub-heading of work that has been done to my vehicle. Are you starting a business? You may need to have a record of all the contact you establish while in business for further reference. Each section comes with an introduction and an explanation of what you might want to track and why. There are originals for each form you may need. Photocopy these as you require them and add them to your book. This way you will not have unnecessary unused forms in areas that do not apply to you. Some people might change jobs often, while for others, it may be addresses. On the CD format, you can simple fill in as much as you like in each section.


The Fact Finder makes the ideal gift for a sixteen year old, just entering the work force.




This idea could fit into the new social network. Could it be an app? Someone out there simply needs to reconfigure the concept into the new technology available to everyone. The Fact Finder might new a new name as well. Do you have a good name?

Coming up next week: …Only for the big boys and girls with deep pockets!






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