One day when there is no gas left and we are all driving electric cars, this may be out of date but for now, it could be quick a money maker for those who would have the guts to give it a whirl!



The price of a litre of gas today was 77 cents. What a deal. I wish I could fill up a tank in the back of my yard with cheap gas and draw it out whenever the price of gas was higher. If the price drops lower, I would let it sit. I would even pay a couple of cents extra to do this if I could.


You can! ABC Gas will sell you a gift card good for however many litres or gallons of gas that you want at today’s prices with a 2 cent management fee on top. When you fill-up, present your gift card and your gas will be deducted like any other gift card only it will be in litres or gallons instead of dollars.


ABC Gas takes in cash in advance for gas to be purchased and buys extra gas on the market to cover the future sales. In the meantime they benefit in several ways:


  1. The customer is yours as long as the gas card is out there.
  2. The convenience of a gas card will bring them to you before the competition.
  3. The money you will be holding on your customer’s behalf can be invested until they use their gas.
  4. There would be a I year expiration date on the card and cards get lost or forgotten.
  5. People would see you as innovative.


The world is full of wannabe investors. Let your customers gamble on the price of gas tomorrow by buying your gas today!


The company that proves this marketing plan and develops the software can then sell the software to gas companies around the world. That is where the real money is to be made.




Gas prices continue to fluctuate. The price of gas has risen 20% in the last year. If I had purchased my gas in this manner a year ago, I would certainly be ahead of the game by now.

Coming next week… A small store that you could franchise!




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