I’d love to have a store like this, or shop at one.

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This would be a store full of handles for just about everything from kitchen cabinets to doors and whatever else requires a handle.

In the cabinet business, when it comes time to choose handles, there never seems to be enough handles on hand to offer a proper selection. There are so many neat handles available in catalogues but no one has them all on display. This shop would display as many handles as possible so that a customer could be sent over by their cabinet maker to choose their handles, much like they do for bathroom and kitchen fixtures when you are directed to a store like B.A. Robinson. The Handle Store would sell the cabinet store customers their handles or bill the cabinet maker a discounted price. This wouldn’t be much different than a cabinet maker sending customers to a granite distributor. The quote is sent to the cabinet store and they receive a discount from the retail price quoted. For those who want to simply upgrade the look of their cabinets, we would find the right match and offer suggestions on how to make them look nice when completed. Entry door handles and other types of handles should help with the bottom line of the store.

The one-stop handle shop.



What fun could be had with an idea like this. If you are in the kitchen and bath cabinet business like I am you will see the potential.

Coming next week … What’s in a name?




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