With all the ideas I have given you at http://www.tomthemarketman.wordpress.com you might need this idea.


Let us say you are trying to promote a new product, business or service. Then you will need to promote it. With The Name Game, you can do both.

There would be an advertisement from The Name Game that runs each time there is a new client looking for a name. In the ad there would be a full description of the product, new business or service along with an invitation to submit your ideas. You would be required to submit a name along with an explanation as to why that is the best name to win. No more than fifty words please. If your suggested name is chosen, you will win $1000. Before the winner is announced, it will be scrutinized to make sure it is not already being used. Then the winner will be printed in the paper, detailing why that name was chosen. If the winner was suggested by more than one person, the one with the best explanation as to why that name was submitted will win the prize. If none of the names are chosen, and the owner of the company decides on one of their own, the explanation will be given and the $1000 will go to Winnipeg Harvest.

What will it cost?

An advertiser would be charged $5000 to submit a name request. They would need to write a description of their company, product or service to help the contestants choose an appropriate name. They must stay within 100 words. This would be a great time to really sell the benefits of your product. The readers will really want to understand what it is exactly that you want to sell so they can come up with a fitting name.

Each entry would receive a quarter page ad in The Winnipeg Free Press along with two follow-up ads, showing the entries and the final results along with an explanation as to why it was chosen.

Why is it worth $5000?

That could be considered a lot of money, but look what you get for it:

1. Thousands of dollars worth of advertising space

2. You may actually receive some pretty good ideas

3. Readers would truly understand what it is you are trying to sell

4. Readers would discuss your product or service with friends and colleagues

5. After the name is selected, readers will be looking for it on the shelves or in advertisements.


Could this idea go on Facebook? The social network has changed the landscape and anything is possible. What ideas do you have?

Coming next week…The way things are going, this next idea may not be needed

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