With the way newspapers are going the way of the Do Do bird, you may want to get started on this idea right away or use the concept in a new way. The need id still there.



Is there a special newspaper you would like to preserve for yourself or give as a gift? Maybe you were in the paper that day or someone you know had their 15 minutes of fame. Well, for a couple of dollars, there is a custom cardboard container now available that is made to preserve that newspaper for you. It is like a flattened-out tube with the ends cut in a semi-circle. When you fold the ends in. the tube takes on an oval shape to house your newspaper safely.


Do you know someone that is about to have a baby? When the news arrives that the baby is safe and sound, go to the store and buy two or three of the newspapers from that day. Put them in the newspaper preserver and what a thoughtful gift you will have. By the time you give the gift to the happy parents, they wil realize that even if they wanted to , it would be to late to pick up a copy of the news from the day this new life came into this world. Fifteen years from now, that child can look back on the state of the world on his birth day and see what was happening at home and around the world. What was for sale in the stores or what was happening in sports if that has become their thing. To you and I, fifteen years might seem like it was just yesterday. To the recipient of The Newspaper Preserver, fifteen years was a lifetime away!




Newspapers are still being printed so this idea can still fly. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to try an idea. Good luck!

Coming next week… Another contest!






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