There are a lot of talented people out there in the population just waiting to shine! You can mine that talent!

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(The following could be the ad that you would run)

This week’s business is Gondola Pizza. What is the idea you want to submit for their advertisement that will go on our reader boards around the city and the reader board ads? If you come up with the best suggestion for Gondola and they choose you, you will win $500.

The Reader Board Ad Company would establish themselves as a advertising opportunity out there that gets attention. They would regularly run a series of ads that look like reader boards in the newspaper and at the same time, have 10 actual reader boards around the city. If you want to be a participating business, you would be charged the cost of all the advertising, the prize money and a markup by The Reader Board Ad Company. As the system catches on in popularity, the markup would grow to what the market could bear.

As people start to follow the contest, they will stop to think about what they would put on the reader board. It gets them thinking about the product. Some might even enter their ideas. It would also be fun to see what are the top five ideas being considered, then seeing what the winner is. When they turn up around the city, you will be looking for the winner. The first businesses to participate will have the benefit of the novelty of the idea and get a lot of attention. The later entrants will get the advantage of the larger volume of readers. With businesses like Groupon and Swarm Jam taking off, this could be the next big thing!


Still a good idea. How could this be connected to the web? Think about it.

Coming next week… What kind of dreams do you have? You wouldn’t believe mine!

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