K.I.S.S. There is no need for a battery-powered motor in thei. Keep it simple stupid and get a factory to make up a single-shot gun that can be sold in a dollar store.

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The Bug Sucker is an idea that could be developed into a variety of designs. First of all, the basic idea is that you vacuum up bugs instead of squashing them. Not only is it more humane, but you don’t mess up your walls and is quicker and safer.


One way to go would be to develop a new attachment for your Dustbuster. It may resemble an ant Eater or something like that. The next version could be a gun that resembles a Super-Soaker, except it works in reverse. As you pump it up, it creates a vacuum. Each time you pull the trigger, you suck up a bit. Great hunting! The third option is a single fire pistol. This would mean cocking the gun with a single vacuum shot. Squeeze and don’t miss. Especially if you are a big-game hunter and going after a wasp! (extenders available!)


I wish someone would do this. It would be a lot of fun!


Coming up next week: …  Just the facts Mam!



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I like this idea because of its simplicity and potential for profit. It would also be fun to use. Make up a prototype for your own family and try it out!

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Looking for a unique message board for the family? Consider a Big Mouth Message Centre. This would be an erasable white board designed to look like a big voice balloon that would be used in a cartoon. There would be magnetic buttons on the back to make it stick to the fridge, then there would be a variety of cartoon characters that could be placed anywhere on the fridge. When you want to leave a message, you simply take your character and stick him next to the pointy part of the voice balloon and it will look like he is speaking. Different people can have their own character. If you choose to buy the set from The Family Guy, or The Simpsons, the daughter of the family might choose Meg or Lisa while the son might choose Bart or Chris.




Cartoon characters have changed over the years but The Simpsons still hang in there. This could be a board that hangs on the wall as well. Lots of possibilities.

Coming to you next week: One of my favourites! Sucker!




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This is February, 2011 and a teen was run over by a train last week while walking down the tracks. He may have had his ipod in and didn’t hear the train. This could have worked at the last second.



This may be an un-doable idea but is worth considering. Every year there are people who decide, for whatever reason to take their own life by standing in front of an on-coming train. If there were a way to blow them off the tracks would they take the opportunity for second thoughts and hopefully give life another chance.  It might not be a suicidal person at all. Recently, in Montreal, there were young people under a bridge spray-painting boxcars that did not hear the train coming from the opposite direction and were killed.

I believe a product like this can be developed and can make this happen.

I would like to see someone come up with a an attachment for the front nose of a train that would allow a conductor to release a large quantity of air for at least ten seconds that would blow anything up to 300 pounds off the track in front of it. There would be a nozzle connected to a large canister of air mounted somewhere on the engine compartment.


Hopefully this would never be needed but if it gave even one person a second chance at life, this would be a good investment.




If you are in this business, you might see the potential. I think it’s a good idea and could potentially save some lives.

Coming to this blog next week: … A simple idea that anyone can afford to try!


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I set up a prototype but didn't get much further

How do you get someone to read your flyer? I had that dilemma a number of years ago. My solution still holds promise.

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When you decide to use a service in the marketplace, you often discover that there is opportunity in that business to do a better job. I had used flyers to promote one of my business ideas and discovered that first of all I was not confident that the flyers had been delivered and secondly, that most people simply tossed my flyer into the garbage.

Scott’s Quality Flyers would fix both those problems. The delivery would be done by our own staff, in uniform(t-shirts), and there would be a Winnipeg-based cartoon strip running through each Flyer. The deliver personnel would ensure that all flyers actually got delivered, while the cartoon strip would draw people into the flyer. It would be very helpful if a good local cartoonist could be found that was actually funny. The comic section in the newspaper is a highly-read section of the newspaper. If a readership could be established for our cartoon, advertisers would be easier to line up.

What happened to Scott’s Quality Flyers?

It didn’t get past the prototype stage, but as you can see, it is ready to use even now to re-try the idea in the marketplace.

Would it work today?

I probably wouldn’t try to do the delivery because there are affordable delivery systems out there today that are much more dependable than they used to be. I do believe, however, that if a good cartoonist could be located, locally, the concept of a comic running through it could make Scott’s a viable alternative.


Could this advertising idea work on the Web? It could be paper or electronic. Either way, the concept is there.

Coming up next week: Something a little more serious but it might work?

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Are you enjoying 100 WAYS TO GET RICH! ? Pass it on to your friends. The more the merrier!


Children love to draw. It is imaginative and in the case of some children, might be the only peace and quiet you will get in the day. The dispenser would be a plastic, slightly-tilted drawing table with a clipboard on the top to keep the drawing paper in place and a place to hold various pens, pencils or crayons. Right under the drawing surface would be a storage area that would accommodate a ream of 8 1/2 x 11 paper There would be a small lever that would slide out a piece at a time if needed.

The main objective of this product would be to, not only give the child a place to draw, but to have a ready supply of drawing paper at their beck and call. If you work in an office, you can collect the paper (8 1/2 x 11) that would otherwise go into recycling and bring that home. The weight of a full compartment would have the added benefit of keeping the unit more stable. Crayola, are you reading this?


In the right hands this could be a popular product. Are you the one to make a go of it?

Coming up next week: An idea that comes with photos!

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This may not make you rich but you could become famous for solving the bicycle commute problem.

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If I worked downtown and I wanted to ride my bike, one of my major concerns would be getting hit by a car. The way this idea came to me was one day when I was driving down Donald Ave in downtown Winnipeg, I noticed a group of six cyclists riding together. The important word there is noticed. For whatever reason they were riding as a group, you couldn’t help but notice them and take extra caution passing them. What if… after a little thought I came up with the idea of a series of gathering points along major arteries in the city where cyclists could expect other cyclists to turn up and then ride into town together. It would be safer and a good way to meet other fitness-minded commuters. K.I.S.S. is the order of the day here. No big organized activity, simply a sign in a Safeway parking lot that says Gather & Go and that is all you will need. Once people understand the concept, they will stop at the station on the way in, wait a few minutes and as a few cyclists turn up, when there a handful, they can take off. After a while, I am sure there will be people who wait for their friends before leaving but new people will regularly join in as the word gets out. You may even find that more people want to commute by bicycle once they start to feel safer. Coming home could work the same way with Gather and Go stations setup in the core. It may take a little tweaking to find the best locations but this is not a big investment.

I would suggest that a Bicycle shop or the cycling association sponsor this program and erect the stations. It is inexpensive and would garner great P.R. for whoever takes it on. It may even spread to other cities eventually and we can take credit for thinking of it.


Paris has the shared bikes. You can be the first to have Gather & Go!

Coming up next week: Something for the kids!

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Sometimes you come up with an idea that might be impractical but it gets you thinking that with the right location and the right person running it, it may just work!


Do you have a dirty car? What are your choices?

1. You can go fill up with gas and buy a car wash for approximately $5. Time to complete: 10 minutes

2. You can go to full-service car wash. Cost $10-$15. Time required: 15 minutes

3. You can go to a spray booth. Cost: Approximately $4. Time required 10-15 minutes.

4. You can wash it at home with a bucket and brush. Cost $0 Time rquires: 30 minutes.


Option # 5 ; Go to Fast & Furious


Fast and Furious is a car wash set up in a location that has a water source, electrical supply and good drainage. There are four people that each have their own power washer. When you drive up to them, you drop two bucks in the basket. There is a large one-minute clock on display. The four washers then go fast and furious at washing your car with their sprayers. They only have 60 seconds to wash your car the best they can, then you must move on so the next car can advance. When it is busy, they will push through 60 cars in an hour. That equals $120 per hour if they can maintain a steady line-up. The wash you will receive will be adequate if you just need a quick rinse and the time required would be less than two minutes in total.


The car wash would only be open when washes are busy. You have to maintain at least 30 cars an hour to make it profitable. You might be able to get away with only three washers and if you wash the cars yourself, that will obviously increase your net take-home pay.




You would need to make arrangements for appropriate space from an accessible location. You might convince them to let you have it for free if you can sell them on the idea that this will bring more people on to their property and maybe into their store. You might even work a cross promotion to help each other. Buy over $20 worth of groceries and get a free car wash outside. Or get a car wash and get a $2.00 off coupon to spend inside.

You will have the cost of water and electricity to look after. Depending where in North America that you live, this cost could vary greatly.


The biggest selling feature for your customers would be that it only costs you $2 and you are in and out in one minute. If you can do a decent job in that amount of time with four wash wands, the word will spread and you will have a regular client base. Do I hear franchise? Bikinis?!?!




Still sounds like a fun idea. Give it a try.

Coming up next week: A safer way to commute!




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